Backyard Pivotal

You know those stories you read on the news or someone’s blog where something tragic has happened and all of a sudden this person is the guardian of three kids. Well, that happened to me, except I am now the legal owner of three border collies. My sister was in an accident and has irreversibly hurt her back, and so she can no longer give the border collies the exercise, love and attention that they need. I’ve known the border collies their whole lives, and so I told my sister I would take them. The only problem is, I live in a one bedroom apartment with no backyard or room for the border collies to play.

Before I took the dogs on, I was already considering upsizing my home. I have the means and I really do miss sitting in the sun in my backyard. Adopting the dogs has just fast tracked the process. On Monday I will be sitting down with an expert in conveyancing. Mentone is my destination of choice, mainly because of the dog beach that I’ll be able to take my border collies to every morning before work. It would be perfect to tire them out for the day so that they don’t feel lonely when I’m away. 

I’m sad to be taking the dogs away from their mother, but we both know that it’s what is best for them. They deserve a big house, lots of toys and someone that has enough energy to look after them. Being sheep dogs, they have more energy than most other breeds, and so owning them is a massive commitment. I’m committed to giving them their best lives, which is why I want to chat to the conveyancing lawyers as soon as I can. It will be a rough couple of months for them in the transition between my sister’s house and my apartment, so I’m hoping I can purchase an actual home as quickly as possible.