Holiday Hairdresser Tradition


Looking back on my childhood, some of my fondest memories our from family holidays revolve around a tradition my Mum started, getting our hair done together at the local salon.


As a young adult, I have continued this tradition. Getting my hair done on holidays is still one of my favourite activities. Unconventional right? Let’s be real, when you think of Melbourne, hair salons aren’t on the list of the most notable things to do. But it’s what I do.


There’s something about putting a bit of extra effort into my appearance and being pampered in a way that I don’t usually at home, that really symbolises my holiday experience. 


The hair style always represents the holiday. 


In Port Douglas I got French braids. In Perth I got my hair chopped to my shoulders for maximum swimming efficiency. In my most recent trip to Melbourne, I went to a Melbourne hairdresser that curled my hair and put it in an elegant updo ready for the decadent night I had planned in the city. I chose a boutique South Melbourne hairdresser, as it was located in the shopping strip near my hotel and it represented the elegant vibe I wanted to portray that night. I felt great and looked great, so in my opinion, my Melbourne trip was another successful holiday.


You may be asking what the point is of this blog post. It’s about tradition. My Mum shared her tradition with me and I’d like to be able to share it with you. And who knows, maybe this will be something you will do with your Mum in the future. I know for a fact this is what I’ll be doing with my future daughter.


Please feel free to send through your traditions too!


Take care,