School Subject Stress

This year has been hard. My entire cohort hasn’t been able to go to school in person all year because of factors outside of our control. It was a really bad time to miss school though because we’re all in year ten. In year ten in Melbourne, you get to do work experience and go to careers carnivals and stuff. We didn’t get to do any of that which has made it really hard for us to know what we want to do for our subjects next year and the rest of our lives.

I actually need someone who can help me. I think I want to be a teacher but I’m not sure – I need student career advice. Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia and it has plenty of opportunities for work, but I just don’t know what I even want to do.

Being young and growing up is hard enough, not including the feeling of being stressed about what I have to do when I’m not young, too. I’ve been talking about my worries with heaps of adults, who all say that I’ll figure out what to do when the time comes. But the time has come and I haven’t figured it out. If I choose the wrong subjects next year I might get stuck in a university degree I don’t want to do and a career that I hate. This is just so much pressure and I’m so stressed about it.

My parents can tell how worried I am about everything, and so they’ve booked me into a meeting with a career consultant. Melbourne can be a daunting place to grow up due to the sheer number of opportunities that are available, which means it makes sense that I’m kind of stressed. I’m really hoping that the career consultant can help me figure out what I want to do and help me choose the right subjects to achieve that.