Terracotta 2020

It’s all about terracotta. You can disbelieve all you like, but by the end of 2020, you’ll be eating your hat; mark my words. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m talking about trends in bathroom design. For homes around Melbourne, terracotta is the way of the future – at least, the immediately foreseeable future. 


Allow me to elaborate. We’ve had dusky pink, rose gold and burnt peach, and now we’re graduating to terracotta. It’s the ‘70s coming full circle via the 90s’ via the ‘10s, with 2020 being the culmination of decades on decades of muted warm tones. Tiles are the perfect capsule for this trend, returning terracotta to its rightful position in the realm of earthen ceramics. Truly, this is a moment of beauty in the ceaselessly turning tide of fashionable interiors. May we all pause to admire it. 


We might see related trends appearing in the realm of kitchen renovations, and very likely in garden design as well. Other living zones might steer clear of it, opting instead for complementary hues such as peacock blue (the logical next step from 2018-19’s onslaught of navy in cabinetry). 


All in all, it’s a distinctly earthy look, rich in texture and marked by a movement away from polished, chrome-like surfaces. Desirable objects will have a handcrafted quality, as though made by a master artisan, without a trace of the ‘shabby chic’ of the early ‘00s. In fact, I’d be willing to put money on sign-ups to weaving, glassblowing, metalwork and pottery classes going through the roof (along with sales of such objects, as people realise that they are not themselves going to be master artisans any time soon). 


Who am I to make such predictions, you ask? Well, I’m just your garden variety armchair pundit. It really doesn’t take much to predict these types of trends – all you have to do is look at how things have unfolded in the past and apply some imaginative logic to the present. Stop questioning and go get yourself some terracotta paint.