Face/Body is an action group that advocates for reclaiming beauty from the commercial cosmetic product industry. 

Oils, compresses, ointments and other treatments for cosmetic use were once made in the home, using available ingredients. Equipped with both these traditional methods and current scientific knowledge of toxicity, we are better positioned than ever to source nourishing, satisfying and body-friendly cosmetic substances that are safe for everyday use. Yet, much of the world’s population continues to outsource this to commercial manufacturers.

Here at Face/Body, we want to change that by dismantling prevailing beliefs about cosmetic and ‘personal care’ products and the surrounding industry.

What We Do

  • Campaign for clearer and more accurate messaging in the marketing of cosmetic products commercially
  • Lobby government for changes to laws around cosmetic product manufacture
  • Liaise with cosmetics industry representatives on topics around ethics, industry standards and best practice
  • Work with schools to educate young people on the packaging literacy and promote informed, ethical and autonomous consumer choice

Why We Do It

From airborne particulates to chemicals in food, there are numerous vehicles via which toxins enter our systems every day. Billions of people around the world are actively adding even more toxic matter to their bodies in the form of inorganic industrial beauty products, from face creams and shaving lotions to deodorants, soaps and sanitisers. The problematic nature of this situation goes beyond individuals topically applying these substances to their bodies, with the synthetic chemicals they contain liable to enter the world’s water supply and soil. 

This state of affairs is what drives us to educate consumers – especially emerging consumers in younger demographics – on what they’re putting on their bodies.