Lunch Break Service

I am so hungry. I only ate four hours ago, so it doesn’t make sense to why I’m absolutely starving, but I am and it’s making it hard to concentrate on what my mechanic is saying. I’ve just arrived at the car mechanic in Hawthorn to pick up my car on my lunch break. He’s currently describing all the work he had to do on my car and why. He’s being very thorough, which is something I’d usually appreciate, but right now the only thing I want is to drive my car to the nearest take away joint and eat the largest burger on the menu. 

I can feel myself being rude every single time I look down at my watch. I don’t want to appear like I’m trying to cut him short, especially when he’s doing his job so well, but a girl’s got to eat. I can’t eat whilst I’m standing here half-listening to him. As I was half-listening just now, I heard him say that in the next few months I’m going to have to get an additional car service. Armadale was the suggested location for the service, as the mechanic said that they have the resources needed for the specific work that my car needs. I guess this is the price you pay when you buy a car third-hand. 

I quickly agreed to take the car to get serviced in the coming months, to which he said that I’m right to drive back to work. What a relief! I pretty much sped out of the car park. I wonder if the mechanic saw me take a sharp left into the driveway of the fast food joint on the same road. 

I am now sitting in the car eating my burger and I am completely satisfied. There’s nothing more delicious than food when you’re really hungry. As soon as I finish my burger I’ll book my car in for another service. This time I won’t book it in my lunch hour. I’ve learnt my lesson.