Personal Buyers Advocate

I’m Jackson. I’m a twenty-nine year old male from America, and I moved to Sydney five years ago to start my own company. I noticed a gap in the market and filled it. To do so, that meant leaving everyone I know and starting a new life on the other side of the world. I can tell you without a doubt, that it was a success. The business which began in Sydney, has now spanned across the country, with Perth and Brisbane also hosting additional company offices. The company is about to grow again, as we will be opening a Melbourne office in 2021. 

We are currently in the process of sourcing locations for the new office. I am located in Sydney, so obviously I can’t be in Melbourne every other day to look at potential buildings. It’s not feasible for the CEO to leave the head office every week. My team relies on me, and I have to be around to make the final decisions. So I’ve been searching for a buyers advocate in Melbourne to outsource my work. It’s just a lot more convenient and makes a lot of sense for someone to act and make decisions on my behalf.

Privacy is also a big issue for me. I don’t want my competitors knowing that I’m looking to buy buildings in the area, because our company is growing extremely powerful and it would be detrimental to the business if our competitors knew we were coming. Property advocates around Melbourne are a pivotal factor to maintaining my privacy, which is another reason why I’m seeking out their services.

I am so excited for what the coming years are going to bring. My company is thriving and it will continue to thrive in the upcoming years. Once we are established in Melbourne, we will be expanding to Adelaide and then hopefully New Zealand in the next ten years. It’s going to be massive. I hope everyone in the company is ready for the ride.