Podiatry Clinic Five

My child is an undeniable champion. Even as a toddler, my husband introduced him to the art of bouncing a ball. Astonishingly, he grasped it with innate skill, mastering basketball shots before fully mastering walking. Upon reaching the tender age of five, we promptly enrolled him in junior basketball, enlisting a specialised sports coach to guide his journey. Though some may label us as zealous, my unwavering conviction in my son’s passion for basketball fuels my actions. At the age of ten, he has already triumphed twice on the national stage. However, during a recent practice session focused on free throws, he complained of a nagging foot ache.

With urgency, I swiftly escorted him to the children’s orthotics clinic near Cheltenham. Time was of the essence – my child merits nothing but the paramount care. The affable podiatrist conducted a meticulous examination, addressing specific areas I highlighted concerning my son’s foot. The diagnosis revealed flat feet, initially triggering apprehension about the future of his basketball career. Yet, the podiatrist alleviated my concerns, explaining that flat feet are a common occurrence in young children. A simple slip-in orthotic would rectify the issue within a couple of years.

A surge of relief washed over me. My son attentively absorbed the podiatrist’s instructions on the correct usage of orthotics, minimising discomfort during walking, running, and play. The counsel included a recommendation for a summer hiatus to facilitate proper growth. However, I’m reluctant to let him rest too extensively, as it may hinder his progression. Thus, I acquired a pair of orthoheel children’s sandals at a substantially discounted rate, an alternative for his beach outings.

While I am willing to go to great lengths to safeguard my son’s basketball aspirations, it is reassuring to find that an exorbitant price tag is not attached. The expenses have already piled up – from uniforms and coaching to travel and premium ice baths. The prospect of numerous monthly treatments for this fleeting flat feet predicament would have been daunting. In the end, my primary concern remains ensuring my son’s pathway in basketball remains unimpeded, fortified by the knowledge that there exist pragmatic solutions to every challenge.