House Paint Party

It’s been a hard year for me and many Australians. I lost my job. My father passed away. I wasn’t able to travel or spend time with my extended family. It’s been truly terrible. But finally things are starting to look better and hopefully my life is going to get on track. 

Because my father passed away, I’ve inherited his house which was my childhood home. I would obviously rather have my father here with me, but by moving into his house (well I guess my house now) I will be saving myself a lot of money. I’ve been struggling to pay my rent after losing my job and so this will take a lot of the financial burden off my shoulders. 

The house obviously reminds me so much of my Dad, so I’ve decided to hire a residential painter. Melbourne has a lot of talented people around, and I’ve trusted this one particular painter to paint my Dad’s house. I want it to be perfect as a testament to him.  

You might find it strange that I’m paying to get my Dad’s house repainted when I could barely afford rent. Well, this is an investment in my wellbeing. My Dad has done his best to set me up for life after he’s gone, and so I need to honour that and try to set myself up for success too. Living in a house that reminds me so much of him would break my heart in these trying times. 

The painter will also be painting the outside of my house, and is said to be the best exterior painter in the business. This has given me a good peace of mind, because I really do want the house to be perfect for my Dad. I love him and I already miss him so much. I hope he rests easy. I promise to look after his house forever.