Unexpected Dental Cavity

Hey everyone,

I promised you all an update on what the dentist thought about my teeth because I hadn’t had them checked out by a dentist in twelve years. Well long story short, he noticed.

He was surprised that my teeth were in such good condition after avoiding dental checkups for so long, and commended my great teeth brushing skills as the reason for that. I’ll admit, I was flattered by his praise, but I was concerned by the fact that he noticed areas of my teeth that needed additional attention. He described in detail what I had been missing in my teeth cleaning process, and why it was important to get my teeth checked regularly. 

At the appointment, I actually required a dental cavity protection procedure because of a cavity forming at the back of my tooth. He said that he was impressed that I only had one partial cavity and that if someone else had come in after twelve years of no dental treatment, they would have had a lot more issues with their teeth.

So, I was right about having nice teeth and the fact that I brush them well. This was really nice to hear. But I was wrong to think that this meant that I didn’t have to get my teeth checked and cleaned by a professional dentist. 

After my successful appointment with the dentist, I booked in another appointment at the same Cheltenham dentist for six months time. I’m not going to make the same mistake again, which means I will get my teeth seen too regularly. I will continue to look after my teeth to the same high standard that I have been, but it won’t hurt to get a bit of extra help on that front.

I’m happy that I can be proud of my efforts and my almost flawless smile. 

Once again, take care and be safe!