Obsessed Car Owner

I’m a pretty self aware person and I know that some of the things I do probably aren’t aligned with what a ‘normal’ person would do. I say this very lightly, because I also know there is no such thing as a normal person, but I do recognise that my obsession with things isn’t normal. I tend to get extremely fixated on things regardless of whether I want to or not.

My latest fixation has been cars. You see, I recently bought my first car which is extremely exciting. What I imagine a normal person would do is read the car manual and be done with it. Not me, though. All of a sudden, I went down a rabbit hole of researching all aspects of owning a car. I now know everything about getting my brakes repaired, getting a car aircon regas, getting an alternator and battery repair and getting a suspension service. I can promise you that last month I had never even heard of these things. I just become obsessed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the most knowledgeable first-time car owner my mechanic has ever met. I’m kind of excited to get my first car service local to Midland, where I live. It’s is a pretty big suburb, but I think the mechanic would be hard pressed to meet anyone who knows as much about cars as I do. Once owning my car is no longer new and exciting, I’ll stop being so obsessed with everything car related. I’ll move onto something else like I always do, and fixate on that for a couple of months before moving on again. I’m not really sure why I’m like this. I think I may have an addictive personality which makes me become obsessed with things. Whatever it is, I’m not sure.

I know that I’m going to be a terrific car owner. I’m now so aware of all the potential problems my car may have, and I’ll be going straight to the mechanic if need be.