Plumbers Need Management

I wish I worked at my mate’s company. His bosses seem awesome. They let them organise their own jobs on a Friday using this software that my mate was trying to explain to me. I couldn’t quite get my head around it because I’ve never used anything like it, but I really wish that I could.

My boss is so disorganised and just sends us wherever, whenever, without giving much thought to the most efficient way to do things. I wouldn’t care about that if it didn’t impact me, but because of his inability to schedule jobs properly, I have to work weekends and overtime all the time. It’s costing him more money and it’s cutting into my own personal time – it sucks. He doesn’t even need to invest in the best job management software for tradesmen. He could use some second rate job management system and it would be ten times better than what we are currently doing. It would also save him money in the long run. Truly, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t choose to use one. Sure, he might not care about whether I have to work longer hours for him and that it makes me not have as much free time, but SURELY he cares about his bottom line? Being inefficient is just dumb. I don’t understand him. 

I just wish he would make the most of any sort of plumbing job management software. In the Melbourne CBD, you can literally count the number of plumbing companies on two hands that aren’t using software yet. We’re one of those companies. It’s embarrassing and it makes me want to jump ship. My boss is a good guy and I like the boys I work with, but I like my free time more. 

In fact, I love my free time and I want to maximise it at the pub tonight with my mate from another company. Don’t think I’ll be able to though.