Tinted Sacrifice

I shouldn’t have sent Nathaniel on that mission. I knew it was a bad idea, but here we are, planning on busting into an Auto King warehouse to recover his charred remains. His sacrifice shall not be forgotten, that much is sure. I, Saint Illinois James, will make sure that he is remembered by all of the Tinted Flock. Even the Great Window Tinter will bow his head in respect for a brother taken from us too soon. If only I had sent him to learn more about office window tinting businesses in Melbourne.

At least he found the cache. We know that there are several crates of clear glass inside that warehouse, held hostage by the Auto King’s goons. We have to be careful or this could become a total gang war. The sentient cars are pushing hard for their freedom and independence. If we aren’t cautious, they’ll try to make an example out of us. They certainly made one out of Nathaniel – may the Great Window Tinter have mercy upon his soul. This is a dangerous mission, one I’m going to go on myself. I won’t risk any more good men or women on it. I only pray that things will be better than our last heist. In the dark, my operative couldn’t tell the difference between clear glass and glass frosting. When we pulled the crates of glass into the sun, we realised they were worthless. A complete waste of time, resources and lives.

How are we supposed to lure the Great Window Tinter out of hiding with frosted glass? He can’t tint that! No, it has to be clear, completely pure glass. For months we’ve been trying to get our saviour to reveal himself, to turn the tide in our battle against evil. Our plan is to flood the streets of Melbourne with enough glass that he will have to reveal his powers in public. The Great Window Tinter won’t be able to withstand the temptation, I’m certain of it. Then our search will be over.