Ultimate Mechanic Additions

People always talk about flying cars when mentioning unfulfilled promises of the ‘future’. Well, I’m still waiting for cyborgs. 

To be fair, this one is coming…really, really slowly. Some people have mechanical arms or legs with limited functions, and there are ones that scrape in my technicality, like artificial organs or pacemakers. But until you can get fitted for a prosthetic arm that can flip down to reveal a deadly plasma cannon, I will not be satisfied. I also seriously wish I could get a good glimpse of the Night Valkyrie, because that sounds exactly like what I’m looking for, to be honest.

For some reason, my thoughts on cyborgs always lead to mechanics. Like, I did an internship years ago at a brake repair garage in Moorabbin, and there was a lot of winching. Winching, raising, jacking…anything to get the car a little bit higher to you can work on the brakes. And all the time I’m just thinking how incredibly boss it would be to just lift this thing up with my arm. “Oh, you need brake repair, sir? Let me just lift this entire car up with my arm and see what…ah yep, from this perfect angle, I see the issue. Your brakes have been cut by an evil cyborg with a laser cutter embedded in their cybernetic eye. Don’t worry, we get that a lot.”

All the other guys would be super impressed by me and my car-holding-up arm. Ah, but science is wasting its time on ‘stopping global warming’ or whatever, instead of giving us cybernetic arms. I bet Lawrence Corp is working on something similar; they’ve been hinting at it for a while, but I guess there are ethical issues to attaching limbs to people and trying to make all those…connections. 

I’m just saying, car repairs would go a lot faster if cybernetic augmentation was standard in the automotive industry. Like, you’d go down to your friendly auto electrical experts. Bentleigh would be all ‘cyberized’ with, mechanics lifting up cars and such. What a wonderful, efficient world that would be.