Bathroom Renovation Value

I’m a real estate agent in Melbourne’s South East suburbs and I’ve been a part of the industry for the last thirty years. I’m one of the best in the business and I pride myself on getting the best selling price for my clients. My current client is looking to sell their family home so that they can downsize. In the home’s current state, it would sell for under their reserve. To fix this, I’m in the process of recommending aspects of their home that should be altered/renovated to immediately increase the resale value. 

The most important thing on the list is the bathroom. I’ve told them that they’d benefit from a small bathroom renovation, but understandably they’re concerned about the potential bathroom renovation costs. I’ve let my clients know that I’ve worked with numerous bathroom renovators in my time, and I’ve seen first hand the benefits that a new bathroom can bring to a sale. I really am an expert in my field, and I know how badly they want to sell their home at the highest possible price, and I want to help them achieve that. However, I won’t be able to properly do my job if they don’t listen to my advice. 

They’ve started warming up to my suggestions and have decided to sit down and chat with a few recommended bathroom designers for hire. Melbourne designers have extreme skills and produce work that genuinely adds value to their clients’ properties and so I have no doubt that working with them is the best move for my clients. 

I really love my job and helping people achieve their goals. I know that selling a house is a really time consuming and often stressful experience, but it can set people up for the rest of their lives if it’s done correctly. I would love to set my clients up for life, I just need them to take my advice.