Necessary Brake Repair

Working from home is fantastic. I love it. I very rarely even actually work from home either. I’m either in the park with my children playing and my laptop out, or in the car making work calls and driving to visit my parents. It’s given me so much more flexibility and it had never come back to bite me… until yesterday. I was on my way to my parents house, which is about an hour away and I was calling my colleagues to sort out work that needed to be done and all that jazz. I had a meeting at 4pm which I needed to virtually attend, and was planning to do so once I got to my parents house.

Unfortunately, I never made the meeting. Half way into my drive and it was obvious that I needed a car mechanic. Close to Ringwood as I was, I was able to make the pit stop. I was a bit stressed at this point because I didn’t really have the time with my 4pm meeting looming, but I also didn’t have much of a choice. When your brakes are making so much noise that your colleagues can hear them over the phone, it’s obvious that you have a problem. 

Luckily I did stop, because apparently something had snapped in my brakes (I don’t know the exact terminology) and it would’ve been extremely dangerous for me to drive. I urgently needed some brake repair work. Ringwood mechanics are able to repair brakes and so I didn’t have to go anywhere else, but I did miss my meeting. Explaining why I didn’t attend was very awkward, and I actually got in a bit of trouble for it. I had to sign a form saying I wouldn’t leave my home during office hours, to ensure that I was actually doing the work they thought I was doing. It was good while it lasted, I still enjoy being with my dog so it’s not all bad.