Grandma’s Earrings

My grandma has been making earrings for my whole life and longer. I’m twelve now and my mum says that grandma has been making earrings for almost double my life, which is why she’s so good at it. When I was born she gave me heaps of pairs of earrings to wear when I got older, and my mum agreed that once I turned twelve I could get my ears pierced. So I’m getting them pierced today!

Both my mum and grandma are coming with me to get them pierced and they promised to hold my hand because apparently, it hurts. I’m not even scared of getting my ears pierced but I’ll let them come anyway. I’m just so excited to put my sun moon earrings in once my ears are pierced. They’ve been my favourite earrings my whole life. I like all of the other ones but these are the absolute best and I can’t wait to show all my friends and wear them to school. We’re only allowed to wear studs at school and these are studs so it’s fine, they’re just prettier than normal studs. I’m so happy.

OUCH! That actually hurt. A gun went in my ear and put a needle through it like a rocket. My ears are too sore to even wear the earrings grandma made me. I have to wear Melbourne made earrings because they are good for new ear piercings for six weeks. That’s legit half a school term. That’s such a long time. 

I just want to show all my friends my grandma’s earrings. I love them and I know all the other girls in my class will too. Mum said maybe even the boys would love them, but I’m not sure what she means by that. I told mum that I’m upset about my earrings and she told me that good things come to those who wait. But I’ve already waited. Why haven’t good things come to me?