Luxury Apartment Build

I’m a property investor and I’m currently building a series of luxury apartments that I will sell for a large sum of money. When I say I’m building the apartments, I’m obviously not the builder, but I am funding the project and I will own each apartment after they have been built. Therefore for the purposes of this blog post, I am building modern and bespoke apartments. 

Building a number of apartments is a big job which has involved me working with many stakeholders, including custom home designers near the Mornington Peninsula. The apartments I’m building are on the peninsula, so it makes sense to work with people who know the area. They’ve been able to design a variety of apartments that are different from others on the market, and I’m sure that’s going to be a major selling point.

These apartments aren’t anything short of luxurious, and the people who move in will have either bought them as an investment or as a holiday home. They are right on the beach, and some of the best-positioned apartments have 180-degree views of the coastline. On a clear day, some residents will even be able to see the city.

When I post the ads for the apartments, I’m going to ensure that the real estate agency promotes the fact that each apartment was built by luxury home builders on the Mornington Peninsula. Also in the ad, I’m going to make sure that it says absolutely no shared houses or housemates, and that anyone who purchases a property must live in it with themselves or their families. These apartments will not be rental properties. 

Whilst this might remove a large portion of the market from being able to purchase these apartments, it will be a major selling point for those who don’t want to live in a place that isn’t perfect. These apartments will be perfect for the upper class. I am going to make a fortune.