Music fanatic

Does anyone else hate driving while sitting in silence? In fact, I’m not sure if I hate sitting in silence more or if it is talkback radio that absolutely grinds my gears. The day has finally come for my car’s CD player to stop working and I’m absolutely spewing. There’s nothing I love more than cruising along the beach and blasting my music. I have such a wide variety of taste in music to the point I don’t even care what I’m listening to, as long as I can pretend to be the DJ at that moment. Unfortunately, I now drive in silence due to the CD player being broken. It’s giving me flashbacks of when I was a kid and would be in my dad’s car. He hated any sort of music in the car as he found it very distracting. Unlike him, I can’t stand that. I need music. I need a vibe. I need an atmosphere. I have found a recommended auto electrician near Moorabbin to take a look at my CD player. I’m hoping he’s not too busy and can get this CD player issue fixed sooner than later.

I had a few friends who offered to take a look at the CD player for me, but I honestly can’t trust them. I love my friends, but some of them aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. They all watch a few videos and think it means that they can suddenly take matters into their own hands. I can’t even count how many cars they have screwed up. This is why I now always go to a mechanic I can trust. I have the best mechanic. Moorabbin has many mechanics, but my guy is the best of the best. He’s honest, hardworking and affordable. I’ve never had any issues with any of the repairs he has done and I always have total peace of mind when he’s on the job. In fact, he’s the one who recommended the auto electrician to me.