New Bathroom Excitement

As my family has grown, so have our needs. We are now a family of five: my husband, myself and our three young children. Up until now we’ve all shared the one bathroom but this has proven very difficult for the past year. After some lengthy discussions with my husband, we’ve agreed it’s time for us to talk to a bathroom renovation company. Melbourne renovators should hopefully be able to turn our laundry into a second bathroom/laundry combination, and that way we’ll all have a lot more room.

We don’t really need much space in our laundry room, seeing as we end up folding laundry in the living room anyway. It makes sense that we use that space for something we actually need, and I’m really glad that my husband’s on board. I’m going to call the renovators soon and see what they are able to offer us and at what prices. This is important to me as we don’t have a bottomless pit of money and I need to make sure we’re getting the best possible value for the renovations. Financing a family of five is no easy task. 

So I’ve discussed the entire process with the renovator and we’ve agreed on the perfect bathroom and laundry room renovation. Melbourne families apparently choose this style of renovation fairly often as it gives real flexibility within the family home. I’m not surprised seeing as this is exactly why I thought of this type of renovation in the first place, but I’m glad to hear that my thoughts are right. 

The renovators will be coming to our house next week to get inspiration for their plans and pitch their ideas to my husband and I. I’m really looking forward to it. We’re going to have a parents bathroom and a children’s bathroom. Sharing my bathroom with just one other adult person is going to be such a luxury.