New Body

This isn’t my blog. I mean, I guess it is my blog, but it isn’t my blog.

I’m not explaining this well, am I? Perhaps I need to go back to the start. It’s hard because I’m kind of freaking out and have been all morning. I’ll try to focus enough to explain. Basically, when I woke up I was in a bedroom that was not my own. It had all sorts of strange items around, from model ships in bottles to anchors and fake fish on the walls.

So it turns out that the room I was in actually sits on top of a ship docked in Melbourne. The bottom half of the ship is a shop for marine welding. I went outside, very confused, and lowered the gangplank. On the docks, about a dozen people were waiting for me. They told me they desperately needed help with all sorts of welding problems. Some of them even referred to me as “Tommy, the Master of Welding”. For the record, my name isn’t Tommy.

I told the eager people that I wasn’t feeling too well and that they’d need to wait a little longer. Then I went back into the boat, finding a mirror. And what do you know, I’ve been somehow transported into a totally different body. The body of a man who knows all about bait boards and snapper racks for sale. Melbourne seems to rely pretty hard on the masterful craftsmanship of this “Tommy”. Who is Tommy, really? I have no idea.

I haven’t been back outside to confront the crowd of people waiting for me to open up another man’s shop. I found Tommy’s computer and tried to learn more about him, which is how I found his blog. Fortunately it was already logged into the admin account. Tommy, if you’re out there in my body, I want you to know that I’ll take good care of yours. Please feed my dog, Charlotte, and send a message to the blog. Maybe we can meet up somewhere and work out how the heck this happened. Did you find a cursed item or something?

– Tommy (formerly known as Lucian)