New Body

This isn’t my blog. I mean, I guess it is my blog, but it isn’t my blog. I’m not explaining this well, am I? Perhaps I need to go back to the start. It’s hard because I’m kind of freaking out and have been all morning. I’ll try to focus enough to explain. Basically, when …

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Admiring the boat

I love the new snapper racks, I had them installed on the boat last night. I get so many compliments about them, everyone seems impressed. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a tyrant of the seas. I don’t try to make myself out as some tough guy, or bad guy in anyway. I’m a sailor …

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Boating Joys

I think I would like to work with boats. I’ve been considering a career change lately, as I’m not exactly happy waiting tables and dealing with rich people who think I deserve $15 an hour. I’ve always had a fascination with boats, ever since my dad brought one home. My sister and I used to …

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