Renovating the Laundry

As the vast majority of millennials will understand, buying a home is a daunting and extremely difficult task. At the ripe old age of twenty-nine, I have finally saved enough to put a deposit on a house and ensure I have enough savings to act as buffer for general life and emergencies. It is invigorating! Now, as you can imagine, the home I could afford was a bit of a dog box. It’s small and rundown but it’s in a good area and will hopefully worth double what I’ve paid for it by the time I’m ready to sell.

A major part of increasing the resale value of my home will depend on me doing a significant number of renovations. I doubt anyone, other than me and other people in my financial situation would spend any money on a house that looks like this, which is why my first order of business will be some serious laundry renovations. Melbourne residents, generally, really pride themselves on their homes and the luxuriousness of them, so having a fresh new laundry is an absolute must. This laundry renovation is something that I’ve budgeted for, and will be the first of many redesigns or renovations that I will undertake.

Once the laundry is complete, I will begin liaising with a bathroom designer. It is fairly common knowledge in the house design world that bathrooms are the most expensive, or at least one of the most expensive parts of your house to renovate. That is why I’m going to need to work alongside a designer for a number of months before I renovate, so that I can ensure my bathroom is designed in the most cost effective way with the most likely return on investment.

There’s no doubt that when I bought this house, I bought a real fixer-upper. I am aware of the work that I’ll need to put in over the years to make this house livable, and I’m willing to do it.