Worried For Mum

I’m really worried about my mum. She lives alone despite the fact that she is too old and frail to look after herself anymore. She’s understandably very attached to her dog and the home she’s lived in for the last twenty years with my dad. He’s no longer with us which is devastating, but what is even harder is watching my mum try to continue on without him. It’s so clear to me that she needs help.

She’s been complaining about not being able to breathe after making her dog’s breakfast in the morning. I think it’s pretty clear that she needs the care of a local disability service provider. But she refuses to go to any sort of elderly care home or anything. She doesn’t want to abandon her dog even if it means slowly killing herself in the process. It’s ludacris, but she keeps saying that because dad has passed away, her dog needs her. She couldn’t have her dog end up in a shelter because her owners were too old to look after her. My mum is a very stubborn person and I can just tell that I won’t be getting through to her any time soon.

Maybe if you guys can share some recounts of your parents’ experiences with positive behaviour support. In the Adelaide area, it doesn’t seem too hard to come by. I’m sure I could find a really good place for my mum, especially with you guys recommending the homes your parents are in. I would probably have better luck convincing my mum to go to a home if she knew that it was a good place to be. I’m not sure what I would do about the dog though. I doubt places like this let residents bring pets. Maybe I will have to take the dog in for my mum.

Please leave your recommendations below and I will read each and every one of them.