Hot Home Warning

I have to warn my wife. She’s in great danger, but my phone isn’t working. I’ve had to use a public library to post on a blog and hope this message gets out to her. Unfortunately, my usual social media sites are all blocked here, so I’m doing this as a last resort.

There’s a major problem with our air conditioning. Melbourne is forecast to be hot tomorrow. I think you can guess the problem. Our house is bad enough at preventing heat from getting in and even worse at getting rid of it. It will quickly become a hotbox and if she doesn’t do something it will be too late. She needs to either find a company that provides air conditioning maintenance today and get it fixed or leave tomorrow morning before the car heats up too. By midday, the car will be undrivable. I’m really worried about her. She doesn’t handle the heat well.

You don’t understand. She really doesn’t handle the heat well. This isn’t just a matter of comfort. It will be the difference between life and death. I can’t go to the police or the hospital about this because, well… our marriage isn’t exactly legal.

My wife and I met in the United States, on a snowy Christmas morning. I built a snow-woman and used my Christmas wish to bring her to life. And then, well, I had to smuggle her back into Australia. If any of the authorities get involved, they’ll deport her. She doesn’t have a passport or anything like that. But I can’t just let her melt! So I’m asking you, whoever is reading this, please help us. I’m at a work conference and won’t be home until next week. I wasn’t expecting such a heat spike to happen while I was away.

Oh, I’m such a fool. I should have gotten the air conditioning fixed as soon I realised it was broken. Maybe I should just leave the conference early. It might cost me my job, but it’s the only option. My wife needs saving, and I’d give up anything for her!