Air Conditioning Tour

Day two of my book tour is done! That was definitely a more exciting and memorable day than yesterday. I didn’t actually write anything about yesterday, so I suppose I should give a quick summary. Basically, I went to the biggest book stores in Carrum Downs and Chelsea, and signed a lot of books, then …

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Hot Home Warning

I have to warn my wife. She’s in great danger, but my phone isn’t working. I’ve had to use a public library to post on a blog and hope this message gets out to her. Unfortunately, my usual social media sites are all blocked here, so I’m doing this as a last resort. There’s a …

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Coolest of Pleasures

When I’m driving in my car, I like to have the air conditioner on and the windows down. It makes it feel more exciting, the air blowing on my face and past my ears, as I fly down the freeway at a hundred km/s per hour. Some people say it’s a waste, that there’s no …

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